#CareerHubSpotlight UK registrations now open!





 CareerHub Spotlight UK 2016
When: Monday 27 June (12pm) to Tuesday 28 June (1pm)
Where: Manchester Metropolitan University
Costs: Delegate: £75. Evening networking & dinner: £35
Who’s there: Dee Hughes (CEO), Christian Jara (UK Director), James Mears (UK Support), Pete Riesz (UK Development) + partner organisations (Abintegro, Career Fair+, GradConnection)

Click here for information and registration

Please register before Monday 6 June.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Save the date! CareerHub Spotlight UK coming soon





CareerHub Spotlight UK
When: Monday 27 June (12pm) to Tuesday 28 June (1pm)
Where: MMU Birley Campus, Manchester
Costs: Delegate: £75. Evening networking & dinner: £35
Who’s there: Dee Hughes (CEO), Christian Jara (UK Director), James Mears (UK Support), Pete Riesz (UK Developer)
How to book: Full information will be provided with registration opening next week

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Quick tip Tuesday: Breaking up long Forms into several pages

If a user remains on the same page of a form for 30 minutes without submitting it, saving the draft, or moving on to the next page of the form, the session will expire.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to break up your form into several pages and put long answer fields (that require more time to fill out) on a new page (click New Page at the bottom of the screen in Form Builder) as form drafts are automatically saved when users go to the next page of the form

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Writing email subjects lines effectively

Hey everyone!

Just thought I’d share a tip with you on how to write effective subject lines when sending out emails to students.

Avoid using overused phrases like ‘Important message!’ as these tend to be associated with spam.

Keep the subject lines short. Most recipients will quickly scan a subject line and decide whether they will read the email or not.

Be clear and concise. The subject line should tell the recipient what the email is about, allowing him/her to prioritise its importance.



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Quick Tip! (Form Reports)

To narrow down your Form Report and view submissions that are attached to users only (and not submissions that are attached to administrators)

  • Run a Form Report and click ‘View attached to items’
  • Click X user(s) to see only these submissions
  • This will take to the search results page for only these users
  • Click ‘Return to form report’ from the right hand actions panel and the report will only show data for these attached users
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How to see who has received notifications that have been sent

If you would like to see the users who have received a notification, go to the notification in the admin console, then click on the pie chart which will take you to a list of JobSeeker results. Depending on which sector of the pie chart you click on, you will be able to see the JobSeekers that have acknowledged and those that have not acknowledged the notification.


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Some changes to I’m Here (student self check-ins)

Last year we added a new feature to CareerHub that allows students to check themselves in to appointments and we have a previous blog post explaining how I’m Here works. We recently made some improvements to I’m Here:

Use of Barcode Readers:

  1. You can now use barcode readers which will read and input barcodes to your I’m Here screen, using student cards with barcodes. We have two recommended scanners to use for this process; the HID Global’s OMNIKEY® 5427CK Reader and the MS9540 VoyagerCG ™ .  These two specific models we have tested in- house are better than others because they automatically press the enter key so there is no need for a keyboard or mouse.

Once a student card has been scanned, a short message stating the success or failure of the check-in will be displayed for the student temporarily.

I m Here

Page changes:

  1. The page title has been changed to ‘Appointment Check In’ to avoid confusion with any other check in types, e.g registrations.
  2. A placeholder text for the student ID has been added as a prompt for students to manually enter their student ID and check themselves in (in the absence of a barcode scanner)
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Online Resume/Cover Letter Review process in CareerHub

We thought we’d share some useful methods with you on how to implement online resume reviews in CareerHub with minimal administration.

Advantages of online resume reviews

  • Students can submit their resumes for review in their own time without having to make an appointment.
  • Data is automatically attached to the student and saved in your CareerHub System.
  • Administrators can provide students with written feedback

Method 1: Building your Online resume reviews form

1.Create a form for students to upload their resume.resume-form

2.To help students with this process, provide links to your existing resume writing materials and  CareerHub’s online resume builder for users to complete prior to uploading their resumes.

3.Use a text field visible to administrators only for resume feedback on your form.

4. Add an email notification field and a custom email template and include the contents of the feedback field.

5. Set the notification field to email the student when the submission is updated.

The workflow for this process is below:

  1. Student submits their resume as an attachment with the form
  2. Administrator reviews the resume and adds feedback to the admin only field on the form
  3. Feedback is emailed directly back to the student when the submission is updated

Alternatively, you can provide feedback to the students directly via email.

Promoting Online Resume/Cover Letter Reviews

Once you have created your online resume form you can promote it using different methods:

  • add it as a resource
  • promote it in a marketing box by adding an advertisement.
  • have a message on your appointments page that links to the online resume form
  • have a HTML box on your homepage and add a link to the form.


  • Advise users on a waiting time- i.e Feedback from this review generally takes between 2-5 business days.
  • Add submission statuses to your form e.g ‘completed’, ‘requires student review’ to help administrators identify what stage the submissions are at in the process.

Method 2: Using the ‘Ask a Question’ function

You can use the ‘Ask a Question’ function to facilitate student-administrator engagement for online resume reviews.

To help students with this process, provide links to your existing resume writing materials and CareerHub’s online resume builder on the Questions page for users to view prior to uploading their resumes

The workflow for this process is below:

  • Students upload their resumes as an attachment with the question.
  • Administrators provide feedback. A notification email is automatically sent back to the student.

You can assign questions to other administrators. The questions and responses can only be viewed by the student who posted the question.

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When a student’s role is changed from ‘current’ to ‘graduate’:

1. The student will receive an automated email notifying them that their account has been changed to a graduate role and that their login credentials have changed.

User login details changed

The email template can be customised in the admin console at: Configuration >Email > Automated Templates > JobSeeker > Login Method Changed (JobSeeker.LoginMethodChanged).

2. On their next login attempt depending on the student’s preferred login method, the student can follow the link via this email or select the Graduate login on the student console (see images below) and click on the ‘Forgotten your password’ link in order to receive an automated email with a token so they can specify a new password.

forgotpassword forgottenpasswordOnce they have entered the token and set a new password, they will be logged in to CareerHub.

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New email markers for appointments in automated email templates.

We have added new location markers for appointments in automated emails as highlighted in the image below. Only administrators with Config.use permissions will be able to make edits to automated email templates.

[Location] will add the name of the location as well as the full description text on the next line, as a new paragraph.

[LocationName] will only add the name of the location

[LocationDescription] will only add the description of the location

email markers

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